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Desktop Design 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer with Remote Control

Posted on 1st Oct 2014 @ 9:33 AM

As for the mobile phone signal jammer, there are two major kinds of designs for people to choose, there are portable design and desktop type. And as well know that the portable one is very convenient for the users to take out anywhere they like while the desktop jammer product is powerful and suitable to be used in fixed places, helping to create a quiet condition for people's detailed need. Which one do you prefer? Well, if you need a desktop mobile phone signal jammer to use in the place you want, the 3G mobile phone signal jammer with remote control is perfect.

8W Desktop Style 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer with Remote Control

If you are a director of a department, you may be always faced up the annoying situation. In general, cell phones are not allowed to be brought into the meeting room especially when you and your staff are going to discuss some confidential business issues. However, on the contrary, you have no way to make sure that everyone will respect the company rules. If so your talk during a meeting can be interrupted by unexpected phone ringtones one by one. In that case the signal jammer with remote control is of significance to be installed in such occasion.


This 3G signal jammer is designed with the desktop style and high power output of 8W so that it owns up to 30 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. Within the jamming distance, all of the 3G mobile phones will lose the function of receiving and making phone calls. The meeting can go smoothly and everyone will not feel embarrassed. With 4 antennas applied, the jammer product can cut off the signals of the 2G 3G mobile phone at the same time. Another merit of this desktop 3G mobile phone jammer is that it is designed with the remote control so that this remote controlled 3G jammer can be open and turn off via the remote control easily.


Apart from being used widely in the conference room, the signal jammer with remote control is also used in the church, library, and hospital and similar places where the cell phones are not to be used and the quiet condition is needed. Although with the powerful jamming function, the signal jammer absolutely has brought much convenience to people’s daily life, there are still some people doubts about the potential disadvantages of the device. Will the product be harmful to the phone device itself and interfere its normal function in other places? Actually, being tasted before putting into use, the jammer will do no harm to the electronic products including the mobile phones. If you want to revise the phone signals, just turn off the jammer product and you can receive calls from your friends through the phones again.


The mobile phone signal jammer is made to bring quiet life to people so if it is of your interest, you can just check out www.jammerinthebox.com to search more details about it.