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Powerful 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Blocker with Wide Application

Posted on 22nd Sep 2014 @ 10:23 AM

With the development of the high technology, we can see that there are various kinds of signal jammers come to the market for people to choose. They can be used to meet with people's different requirements of cutting off the signals of WiFi, GPS, audio camera and 3G 4G mobile phones etc. Usually people want to block the signals of 2G 3G mobile phone devices since they are disturbed by the mobile phone calls and the mobile phone signal tracking devices and cannot live the normal life. If you have the need then you can just come here www.jammerinthebox.com to get furthermore information about the jammer product.

8W High Power 4 Antennas 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Blockerview product details

This is a high power 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer designed with 4 antennas which enable the device to block the 2G 3G mobile phone signals at the same time with up to 30 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the given area. Within the jamming range, all of the 2G 3G mobile phones will lose the normal function of receiving and sending messages and making phone calls. The goal of creating a quiet condition can be reached easily for the users. Thus also applied with a high quality cooling system, this cell phone signal blocker can work continuously without causing high temperature and always stay in good working condition.


From the appearance of this 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer, you can see that it is designed with a desktop style. Due to the durable tabletop style, apart from the powerful jamming ability, this cell phone signal jammer can be used widely in many places such as the class room, office, meeting room, church and even the military and prison etc. If you are a student you must have seen the exam cheat via the mobile phones in the examination room. Actually this behavior is prohibited in this situation. So to prevent this from happening in the important exam, this signal jammer can be a good assistant to make the students’ cell phones have no signal and lose the function of transferring the answers to the questions.


As for the confidential places like the military and prison, cell phones of course are not allowed to be used to prevent the important information from being given out. To create a safer condition, this high power 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer can also play as a good safeguard. You have no need to worry about that any confidential information will be given out through the mobile phone devices by the spy. Under the protection of the cell phone signal blocker, all of the 2G 3G signals will be blocked.


Safe and quiet condition can be created easily with such kind of signal jammer. If you plan to search one in the market, you can first spare your time to have a look here.