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Delicate Mini Style Portable Bluetooth WiFi Signal Blocker

Posted on 11th Sep 2014 @ 10:13 AM

To reach the goal of gaining the quiet condition or protecting the personal privacy, nowadays most people use the signal jammers in different situations according to their current needs. But since the purpose of using the jammer device is different between different people, the types of the jammers people want can be varied. Some people need the desktop design mobile phone signal jammer to create a quiet condition in the office buildings while others may prefer the mini portable WiFi Bluetooth signal jammer to protect the network with blocking the Bluetooth signal. If you are one of the behind group of people, spare your time to look at this portable Bluetooth WiFi signal blocker in www.jammerinthebox.com .

Mini Portable Style Bluetooth WiFi Signal Blockerview product details

Firstly, as this portable WiFi signal blocker use the battery as the power supply and designed with suitable size so that this WiFi Bluetooth signal jammer can be easily taken along with people when they have the need with just putting it into your pocket or holding it at your hands. You can make full use of this jammer device whenever and wherever you like. Besides, the jamming distance of this mini design Bluetooth WiFi signal jammer is also powerful apart from its handheld mini design. You can see that here the jamming radius of this signal product can be up to 10 meters in front of the antenna without interfering with the backside of antenna.


The mini style portable Bluetooth signal jammer plays different roles in different situations. At schools, to make the students focus on their study and correct attitude towards learning, leaders will adopt this kind of signal blocker in the classroom to prevent students using their cell phones or other Bluetooth products in class. In a church, a sacred place, all the people should be quiet when they do prey in front of the God. This jammer can help to maintain a peaceful and serious condition.


In people’s daily work, the blocker seems more important too. Especially in a meeting room, the atmosphere can be very tense and the leaders may request the workers must keep quiet absolutely when they are making a speech. Perhaps there are no other instruments can take place the signal jammer in this case to give the room quietness. There are many other similar places and conditions such as the public theater, library and government etc where the blockers are used widely and frequently. It can act as a good protector to prevent the noisy ringtones getting into the peaceful environment. By using this portable Bluetooth WiFi signal blocker, you can totally gain the peaceful condition and free from the signal tracking devices.


It would be so easy to find a WiFi signal jammer in the market today but you feel doubt about the quality of it. And click our online store with various types of mobile phone jammers can rely on. Here you can not only see the product but can also gain much knowledge about all sides of phone jammers.