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Wise for You to Select the High Power 3G 4G WiFi Signal Blocker for Quiet Life

Posted on 5th Sep 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Since the various kinds of cell phones have brought much convenience to people's daily life and offered many entertainments to our spare time, more and more people seems can't live without the mobile phone aside. Therefore we can see that whenever and wherever we are, the phones always appear in our eyes. However, in the places where the cell phones are not allowed, the lasting phone calls just make people annoyed and produce much noise pollution. Want to get a device to bring peace to your location? Then the high power multifunctional signal jammer coming in any fixed places where cell phones have a tendency to create a nuisance becomes the necessity in people's choice.

16W High Power 8 Antennas 3G 4G Bluetooth WiFi  Signal Blockerview product details

As more and more multifunctional jammers come, then in this trend the 3G 4G WiFi signal blocker which can be used to cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time has been invented to meet with people's requirement of creating a quiet condition. Besides, designed with 16W high output power, the jamming radius of the signal blocker can be up to 20 meters at most according to the signal strength in the given area. If so this jammer device can create a total peaceful living environment for you with blocking the signals and within the jamming range, the cell phones will lose the normal function of receiving and sending messages as well as making phone calls.

Sometimes before using the cell phone jammer, many people will doubt that whether the device would do any harm to their cell phones or if there is an emergency what they should do with the phone signals are blocked. Well, when you use a cell phone scrambler, a lower power radio signal is broadcast. This signal is capable of cutting off communication between the cell phone and its cellular base stations. When this happens, all the cell phones in the area will show “No Service” and incoming calls are blocked.

To the caller, it simply seems as if the cell phone is turned off. Although jamming cell phones causes them to have no service, certain pre-defined zones are not blocked. By default, these zones include EMS, Fire and Police. Therefore, when you use this cell phone jammer, you don't have to worry about putting yourself or anyone else in danger. Rather, police, fire, and EMS radio users can still communicate, but your customers won't be disturbed by non-emergency cell phone chatter. Once the cell phone scrambling device is turned off, the phones will automatically reestablish communication with the cellular base stations - and those affected by the scrambler will once again be able to receive cellular services. The cell phone jammer does not damage phones and any other electronic products.

Want to get such kind of high quality multi-purpose signal jammer to obtain the quiet life? Just check out www.jammerinthebox.com and you will have the good chance to get the product.