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Multifunctional High Power Bluetooth WiFi GPS VHF UHF 3G Signal Jammer with 8 Antennas

Posted on 29th Aug 2014 @ 9:38 AM

To create a quiet condition for people themselves in common places such as the meeting room, church, library, class room and theater, the normal power with desktop or portable design signal jammer is powerful enough. But when it comes to use such kind of jammer in the mostly important occasions like the military and government, the high power multi-purpose signal jammer can be better with wide jamming distance. If you have the need to build a safe and quiet condition in the above places, it's time to have a look about this powerful signal jammer with multifunctional jamming ability to cut off the signals of WiFi GPS UHF VHF 3G mobile phones at the same time.

12W High Power 8 Antennas Bluetooth WiFi GPS VHF UHF 3G Signal Blocker

First of all, as designed with 8 antennas, this desktop design multifunctional signal blocker is capable of blocking the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G GPSL1 WiFi Bluetooth VHF UHF at the same time. You can see that the jamming ability of this signal jammer device is really powerful and can help to make a totally safe condition in the important places. And owing to the 12W high power output, the jamming radius of this high power signal jammer can reach up to 25 meters at most based on the signal strength in the detailed area. Like other high quality powerful signal jammer, this multi-purpose blocker also has the excellent cooling system which makes it available for the users to utilize this device for a long time without causing high temperature. Perfectly, this desktop design multifunctional signal blocker can always stay in good working condition.


Living in the modern times full of hustles and bustles, people pay more attention to their privacy than ever before and are in urgent need of getting away from other’s monitor with the advanced technology wireless devices. To solve the problem better with a good solution, most people choose to gain the professional signal jammer to help to create the peaceful environment to live. There are many types of signal jammers are made particularly for the personal use. However, the high power WiFi GPS UHF VHF 3G signal jammer here introduced is always used for the public safety especially used in the military, government and prison.


No matter in the ancient times or in the modern times, the safety of a country should be the priority over any other issues. To give a good protection to the country and prevent the confidential information from being given out, this multifunctional high power signal jammer can act as a responsible safeguard. Actually, to see is to believe. If you need such kind of device now, just check out www.jammerinthebox.com to have a detailed look about the further information of this product.