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Quad Bands High Power Remote Controlled Signal Jammer

Posted on 27th Aug 2014 @ 9:45 AM

It is common to see the mobile phone signal jammer in the market with various types and functions. However, except the mobile phone jammers, people sometimes just need other kinds of signal jammers to block the frequency bands of the UAVs, Recon Robotics Recon Scout XT etc. In that case the remote control signal jammer can take advantage over than the cellphone signal jammers and Bluetooth WiFi signal blockers. If you lack of the detailed information of the related RF signal jammers, here you can see the furthermore introduction about the high power 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz remote controlled signal jammer in this article.

Powerful 50 Meters 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz RF Signal Jammer view product details

Firstly, this 4 bands remote control signal jammer is designed with 4 antennas so that this high power RF signal jammer can cut off the 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz remote control frequency bands at the same time. And as designed with high power the jamming distance of this 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz car remote control jammer is up to 50 meters at most. Thus this high power 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz RF signal jammer is powered by the AC adapter and it is a plug and play 310MHz 315MHz 390MHz 433MHz car remote control jammer, so that it is easy to operate.


This remote control signal jammer is commonly used for blocking car remote controllers just because with the popularity of the cars, some people aim to use the remote controllers to monitor people in the car or the drivers to steal people’s privacy. It can make people’s life out of order and even put people in dangerous condition. In that case most people are looking for a device which can be carried easily whenever and wherever they are to protect their privacy and ensure their safety.


However, designed in high quality and multifunctional appliance, this remote control signal blocker also can be suitable to other use. For example, if your children are addicted to the TV shows and can’t play full attention to their home work, then you can use the product to block the signals of the TV remote controller and the children will not be able to switch the program to the one they want to see. In that case they can focus on their study and the boring programs will not distract their attention.


Want to get such a powerful and exquisite quad bands RF signal blocker for remote controllers? You can check out here www.jammerinthebox.com to find a suitable one with competitive price. Much professional advice and specific knowledge about the product also can be obtained. Under the protection of this jammer, you can easily protect your privacy with less effort and time.