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Convenient Using Adjustable Design 3G GPS Signal Jammer with Remote Control

Posted on 25th Aug 2014 @ 9:57 AM

We all know that we have moved into the information era now and people\s life standard has improved a lot than ever before. And with the great improvement of the high technology, people start to live an intelligent life with more and more advanced technology products appear in the daily life. Just with a remote control, we can easily control many devices such as cars, televisions, doors and even lights etc. The high technology has simplified our modern life to an extent. Now if you have the need to protect yourself from being tracked by the GPS tracking devices or just don't want to be disturbed by the cellphone talks, here this convenient using remote controlled signal jammer also allows you to control the jammer device to work easily.

Powerful Remote Controlled 3G GPS Signal Jammer with Adjustable Designview product details

Apart from having the good jamming ability of cutting off the signals of 2G 3G GPS signals at the same time with up to 25 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area, the adjustable 3G GPS signal jammer allows the users to decide the jamming distance according to their own needs based on the current situations with the adjustable buttons. That can be a key feature of this signal jammer device. Due to the desktop design, you can see that this kind of device is usually put in the fixed places for public or personal use. To adapt to the different situations, people’s need of the jamming distance also is varied. If so the adjustable buttons can add much convenience to people’s utilization of the signal jammer.


What's more, this signal jammer is also a powerful multifunctional signal jammer with remote control which makes it easier for you to turn on or turn off the device via the remote control. Under this condition no matter you are a professional or a fresh man in this field, you can operate this signal jammer device without much difficulty, which can be a superior advantage over the types of jammers without remote controlled design. In addition, as the high quality cooling fans has been used for this high power adjustable GPS 3G phone jammer so that this remote controlled 3G GPS signal jammer can always stay in good working condition and reach the 24/7 continuously working goal easily.


If you have such need of getting phone signal jammers to block signals of 3G mobile phone devices and GPS tracking devices, here www.jammerinthebox..com can be a good place to take a visit. Complete types of jammers and competitive price of the product can make you pleasant with a happy purchase.