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Cheap High Power Desktop Design 3G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker with Adjustable Buttons

Posted on 22nd Aug 2014 @ 9:40 AM

As is known to us, jammer is a kind of device used to block the transmission of signals from the relative networks, in order to ensure absolute silence and prevent them from being disturbed, many people choose to buy a signal jammer. For the great majority of customers, general jammer is sufficient to meet their needs. If you also want to live in a quiet and safe condition, do not hesitate to click www.jammerinthebox.com which is a collection of signal jammer with good function of blocking several kinds of signals, especially this adjustable 3G cellphone signal jammer which can help to cut off 2G 3G cellphone signals at the same time.

12W High Power Desktop Adjustable 3G Mobile Phone Signal Blockerview product details

This kind of phone signal blocker can help a lot to prevent you from annoying mobile phone tracking devices and endless loud cell talks. The adjustable cellphone signal blocker is a high power 3G mobile phone jammer device designed with adjustable buttons which allow the users to decide the jamming distance according to their own needs based on the current situations. Besides, equipped with 4 antennas, you can use this jammer product to cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS and 3G at the same time. As the product owns 12W high power output, the jamming distance of this desktop design signal jammer can be up to 40 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area.


Another advantage of this high power mobile phone jammer is the 24/7 continuously working goal can be easily reached without causing high temperature and any damages to the users as it is designed with excellent cooling system. That can be very convenient for people to use it day and night without worrying about the potential danger of explosion.


As we can't be alive without eating food and drinking water, the essential security is also playing an important role in our life. The main reason for people to look for a kind of device to block the tracking signals is that the tracking device has made their life out of order and is really a risk for them with trapping them in an unsafe condition. To get a natural, safe and ideal life without being disturbed and interfered by others, the mobile jammer is a necessity in your daily life and work. Although the jammer introduced in this article can be most used in the fixed places due to the tabletop design, there are other portable and handheld size cell phone jammers in that net which make it convenient for you to put them in your coat pocket whenever and wherever you are.


If you have the need to create a quiet condition with a signal jammer in the fixed place, this 3G signal jammer with desktop design is really an optional choice. It has a wide application in places like the meeting room, oil and gas storage facilities and fields, hospitals, theaters and churches etc.