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Best Chance to Gain Powerful Desktop Design VHF UHF 3G Mobile Phone Jammer

Posted on 15th Aug 2014 @ 10:12 AM

Living in the information era, people's life is full of hustles and bustles. Sometimes you will find that it can be a little difficult for you to create a safe and quiet condition for your own. Endless ringtones and many other wireless objects with tracking or monitoring function can break up your peaceful life and cause unexpected troubles. In that case to guaranty the safety and peace in your life, here this VHF UHF 3G mobile phone signal jammer with powerful jamming ability can assist a lot.

Powerful 3G VHF UHF Desktop Design Mobile Phone Jammerview product details

With the wide spread of the cell phones people's daily life has changed a lot. We have to admit that the mobile phone devices have brought a lot convenience and amusement to us. While on the other hand, cell phones sometimes make people annoyed due to its loud ringtones and they also can be used to steal other's privacy. So to meet with people's requirement of blocking the signals of mobile phones, large numbers of online shops are selling the signal blockers such as the cell phone signal jammers, GPS signal jammers, WiFi signal jammers and also other types of handheld multi-purpose signal jammers and also high power multi-purpose signal jammers and so on. If you have spared a little time to know our online store, you will find that you can get the best chance to gain a type of jammer here.


The desktop design multifunctional signal blocker introduced here is a powerful mobile phone jammer with 6 antennas which can be used to block 6 frequency bands including CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G VHF UHF at the same time. Applied with 15W high power output, the jamming distance of this signal jammer device can be up to 40 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. Owing to the desktop design, this powerful signal jammer can be used in many fixed places such as exam room, offices, churches and hospitals etc. If you are in need of such a product in your life, then grab the great chance to buy it.


With the improvement of people's life standard, more and more people have their own private cars. And as the car charger has been designed for this VHF UHF 3G mobile phone signal jammer, it's also very convenient for the car drivers to use this jammer device during their driving. That can be a good solution to reduce the car accidents in the road with unexpected phone calls will be prevented and the drives can focus on the driving. Besides, the desktop design multifunctional signal blocker also can work continuously work for the users with an excellent quality cooling system.


After having a look at the example you will find there are also a lot of other types of VHF UHF 3G mobile phone signal jammer are for sale here as well and you just need to catch the chance and gain one according to your requirements at www.jammerinthebox.com .