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Handheld High Power 315MHz 433MHz Remote Control Jammer

Posted on 11th Aug 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Cell phone jammer initially was developed for use by law enforcement and the military. For example, terrorists frequently trigger bombs with cell phones, and jammers often are part of security arrangements for people who may be targeted by these kinds of attacks. Law enforcement can use jammers in other situations as well, such as during a drug raid or a hostage situation. Companies also have begun enlisting jammers to provide security from threats, including corporate espionage, and in places where radio transmissions are potentially dangerous. Nowadays with the rapid spread of the phone jammer in different sizes, more and more people make use of it for personal preference. To meet with people's convenient requirement, this handheld high power remote control jammer which can be found in www.jammerinthebox.com can be the great choice.

Portable Dual Bands 50 Meters 315MHz 433MHz Car Remote Control Jammerview product details

As this handheld high power remote control jammer can block all the signals of the remote controllers of 315MHz 433MHz within its jamming radius, in this way for people who are being monitored by the devices that controlled by the 315MHz 433MHz, this is a good way to help them get rid of the situation and just then they can back to the normal life as before without worrying someone is keeping an eye on them. Thus this 315MHz 433MHz remote control jammer can also block the signals of the TV remote controller, the toy remote controller and the car and garage door remote controller as well. Designed with high power the jamming radius of this 315MHz 433MHz remote control jammer is powerful, which is up to 50 meters.


Except being used in the library, church, classroom and some similar places where the cell phone is not allowed and a quiet condition is needed, this phone blocker also can bring quiet to people when they are in the public transportation vehicle such as bus and underground subway. For the office worker in the cities, they need to take the bus or other vehicle to go to the office and home. A quiet condition can be good for their relaxing and concentration. However, there are some people just don’t know when to stop their loud talk on the phone and the endless ring tones can make others annoyed. In that case the remote control jammer can prevent someone from annoying cell talks.


Moreover this device is eco-friendly and will cause no harm to people's health while using it. Some people may worry about that if the device may do harm to their own cell phones. Actually there is no need to worry about that. If you want to revise the signal, you just need to turn off the jammer and then your mobile phone can return to normal. And during the period of using this product, you can still dial the emergent number such as first-aid call and police call. This phone jammer is made to construct better life for you without destroying your normal life.