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Professional Disrupter Multi-purpose Wireless WiFi Audio Video Signal Blocker

Posted on 1st Aug 2014 @ 10:01 AM

In the modern times, with the great improvement of the high technology, more and more advanced technology products make it possible for some people to monitor others' private life. It is of course illegal and immoral. However, to make a living or just for their own interest, those people who use the tracking devices and monitoring products to keep an eye on others are not willing to stop their action. A premium choice for you is to get a professional disrupter and here this wireless WiFi audio video signal blocker from www.jammerinthebox.com can be your good assistant.

Portable Multi-purpose WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Audio Video Signal Blockerview product details

Just at the first sight you can see that this multi-purpose signal jammer is a pocket-sized device which can be a good solution to block nearby WiFi signals and other additional three frequency bands at the same time. And due to its minimized size the device can easily be body-worn and disguised in clothing, handbags or any other personal belongings. Then you can use the portable signal jammer without being discovered by other people. Wherever you go at any time, you can bring the jammer product outside effortlessly and use it conveniently.


Every signal jamming device that for sale in the market has its own merit and advantages, but many portable design signal blockers in the market for sale are made to cut off the signals of multi frequency bands of cell phone devices or the single signal of other tracking or monitoring devices. If so this professional portable signal jammer is different from other types of handheld jammers with high power jamming ability. Not all the time people only want to block the signals of the mobile phones, but now people also have the need to cut off the signals such as the WiFi, audio and video frequency bands etc just via using one signal jammer.


If you want to get rid of others' endless monitoring and private recording, take your time to have a detailed look about this multi-purpose signal jammer which is professional in blocking the signals of 1.0G(895-1000Mhz), 1.2G (1195-1300Mhz)and 2.4G(2395-2500Mhz). You can know that it can not only cut off the signals of WiFi2.4G but also cut off the wireless audio video signal as well at the same time. From now on, with the help of this signal jammer, you have no need to worry about that your privacy will be given out by the devices working with the signals of WiFi2.4G and wireless video and audio signals. You can live freely in a safe condition in the information era full of hustles and bustles.


It can be amazing that you can own a safe and peaceful living environment just with such kind of simple and portable object. But it is the truth. Actually, the jammer product is welcomed in the whole world now with the development of the high technology. You can easily get such kind of jammer product in our online store with competitive price and superior quality.