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Superior High Power Waterproof Design 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for Outdoor Using

Posted on 28th Jul 2014 @ 11:04 AM

In the modern times, cell phones have become an essential part of our life. You will be out of fashion if you have no cell phone. On one hands, you can send messages and make phone calls to your friends or your colleagues at any time in any places. On the other hand, we will enjoy our life with the mobile phone, such as listening to the music, playing games, taking photos, recording a video, surfing the internet etc. But more and more people are using cell phones at the expense of public interests. They talk aloud in the cell phones and the endless ringtones sound everywhere. If you want to own a peaceful living condition, then you can come to www.jammerinthebox.com to get one high power 3G mobile phone signal jammer.

220W High Power Waterproof 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for Outdoor Usingview product details

As we all know that most of the phone signal jammers are used in indoor places such as the meeting room, church, theater and class room etc where the mobile phones are not allowed to be used. And there is no waterproof design for them to protect themselves from being damaged by the water. Then what if you need to put the signal jammer into use in oil and gas storage facilities, customs and so many other important outdoor places? Here it’s necessary for you to know about the details of the waterproof design signal blocker with 220W high power.


Apart from the key feature of being used outdoors, the major advantage of this outdoor using signal jammer can be the high total 220W output power, which enables this signal jammer device to jam the signals up to 500 meters distance according to the signal strength in the detailed place. Compared with many other styles of jammer products, the shielding radius of the 3G phone blocker here is wider to an extent. In addition, the device also can cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS and 3G at the same time effortlessly. It is certainly that you can get the peace you want within that jamming range since the entire 3G phone signals can be blocked by the device.


From the name you can see that this style phone jammer is always used in the outdoor places. Actually, since it is designed with a desktop type, this device is also can be used widely in the indoor situations such as meeting room, class room, library, hospital and church as well as conditions and occasions which prohibits the cell phones and any other Bluetooth products. Especially in a company, to improve the workers’ working efficiency, the endless phone calls can be crashers and affect the serious and quiet atmosphere of the office. Therefore the phone signal blocker can be installed and turned on during the working time to ensure that everyone would not be disturbed by the phone calls and focus on their work duty.


If you are interested in choosing such a phone jammer or just want to obtain some related information about this product, our online store can be your first choice with various kinds of brand name phone jammers and detailed information about the latest signal blockers.