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Obtain the Information about WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Video Signal Jammer

Posted on 21st Jul 2014 @ 9:00 AM

We need to thank for the high technology which has invented many advanced-technology products bringing much convenience to our life and work. We can keep a good touch with friends using the cell phone, take photos with wireless video and surf the internet wherever and whenever through the WiFi signals. However sometimes we may also be disturbed and get hurt by the wireless and Bluetooth products. For example, some people with harbor and malicious intentions use the wireless device to steal the privacy of others and give it out to make others’ life out of order. It can affect our normal life greatly and may do harm to our families and friends. These are the disadvantages that the developing technology has brought to us. Then what should we do to prevent such potential dangers? To remove this bad situation the powerful video jammer with tabletop design from www.jammerinthebox.com which can cut off the signals of the wireless video can help you a lot.

High Power Desktop WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Video Signal Blockerview product details

Apart blocking the signals of the wireless videos this wireless video signal jammer device can also cut off the signals of WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, so it also owns the same function as the WiFi and Bluetooth jammer. In this case it can protect your network and preventing the important documents being stolen by others by using your net. Moreover, this device can work continuously without causing high temperature to the device itself and the users as it is designed to power by the AC adapter and good cooling system has been applied on this Bluetooth wireless video signal jammer. Thus the shielding radius is also powerful which is up to 20 meters according to the signal strength in the detailed place.


For people especially the business man, the commercial secret can be their own life. They need to do what they can do to protect the secret documents wherever they are. With the development of the high technology, the stealing method can be updated to diversely and variably. The stealers sometimes can be more intelligent than the common people during the use of the wireless or WiFi Bluetooth products. To guaranty the safety of the trade secret, boss and the director may need a technical helper such as the WiFi Bluetooth jammer. While in our ordinary life, personal privacy can be also significant and the signal blocker will assist us as well.


There are different sizes and styles of this device in variety in the net for people to choose. And to obtain the detailed information about this product or similar jammers, such kind of articles on our website could be of your interest and you can also go to the specific website to get the professional knowledge about that. However we can promise that if you want to get such a high quality wireless video signal jammer, you can rely on our store since our products have the good fame in the foreign market due to the superior quality and thoughtful service.