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Jamming GPS 2G Cellphone Signals with the Handheld Signal Jammer Now

Posted on 16th Jul 2014 @ 9:35 AM

As we all know that there are all kinds of jammer products with different jamming functions are on sale in the market. And it is just a little hard for us to choose the correct on to meet with our personal requirement with the best price and superior quality. Then to make a wise decision, firstly you may have a need to get to know details about the related products which you are looking for. Therefore if you want to block both the signals of 2G mobile phones and GPS, it's time to have a look at this GPS cellphone signal jammer here.

Handheld Multi-functional GPS Cellphone Signal Jammer with 3 Antennasview product details

We have to admit that the cellphone has played an important role in people's daily life and brought much convenience to our life and work. It is the truth that the cellphone has a wide spread all around the world due to the development of the high technology. Some people even say that they cannot live without their phone devices in the modern life. However, on the contrary, living in the era of hustles and bustles, sometimes the cell phones add many noises to the quiet life in the places where this kind of devices are not allowed. At the same time, the GPS tracking devices make people feel unsafe as well.


With a handheld phone signal blocker at hand, you can feel quiet and safe wherever you go. Designed with 3 antennas, this portable GPS mobile signal jammer can cut off the CDMA GSM DCS PCS and GOSL1 at the same time. And depending on the signal strength, the jamming distance of the jammer product can be up to 20 meters to block the GPSL1 signal and up to 10 meters to cut off the 2G mobile phone signals. What's more, high quality cooling system has also been used for this handheld GPS cellphone signal jammer so this device can always keep in good working condition for a long time without causing high temperature.


Nowadays we can see that more and more people put the GPS tracking devices in their cars to guide direction in the strange places. But not everyone put them into good use. Some people just use the tracking devices to spy upon others’ private life. To get rid of the GPS tracking, this handheld GPS mobile phone signal jammer also can do a good favor. As designed with the car charger so that this portable GPS mobile phone signal blocker can also be easily used in the car and car drivers can have the device charged when on the driving conveniently. The rechargeable battery is also used as the device's power supply which helps the users to take the device out easily and when it is full charged, the working time can be up to 90 minutes.


There is no need to think twice if you want to jam the signals of 2G cell phone and GPS, just check out www.jammerinthebox.com to get such kind of jammer product introduce in the article to meet with your requirement.