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Use Mini Handheld WiFi Signal Jammer to Satisfy Jamming Desires

Posted on 14th Jul 2014 @ 9:49 AM

In the modern times, except the mobile phones have a wide spread in people's daily life all over the world, the computer also has a wide application in the modern life. Even more and more young people choose to work at home for living. If so people have the need to ensure the security condition of their network and to prevent others using their wireless network as well.  But how can help people to meet with their jamming desires of the WiFi signal without being known by their neighbors and other people? This handheld WiFi signal jammer can be a suitable device to assist.

Mini Handheld Bluetooth WiFi Signal Jammer with Built-in Antennaview product details

It is a mini Bluetooth signal blocker designed with a palm size which you can easily bring along with holding it at hands or putting it into pockets. This is one of the big merits of this signal blocker with built-in antennas. Different from the desktop one, you are allowed to use this device whenever you like in any places. Even in the public place, when you have such need, you can make the device to work with easy operation and the mini design of the product can prevent itself from being discovered by others. Sometimes the suitable palm-sized style will help you to avoid embarrassing situation when you don’t want to others to know.


Moreover, the jamming distance of this handheld WiFi signal jammer is not as small as its appearance. Actually, the shielding radius of this WiFi signal jammer is powerful which can be up to 10 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. And this device is able to cut off the WiFi2.4G 2400-2500MHz signal. Within its jamming range, you can obtain the quiet condition as you want and protect the security of your network successfully with less effort. The portable pocket size Bluetooth blocker also possesses car charger so that it can be easily charged in the car when it has no power since it is powered by the battery.


With the development of the high technology, there are various types of jammer products in the market for sale. And different styles of jammers have different functions. From the product name you can see that this handheld signal jammer is only made to block the signal of WiFi and Bluetooth. It cannot do anything with the cell phone signals and other types of frequency bands. Before making a purchasing decision, just take your time to have a glance at the specification of the jammer product you are searching.


However, if you want to find a store which is specialize in producing the jammer product and offering the professional advice for your reference, come here www.jammerinthebox.com and you will have a chance to widen your vision in the jammer field since there are completely many styles with different functions signal jammers waiting for you to look.