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Mimicking Cigarette Case Design Handheld 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Posted on 11th Jul 2014 @ 9:40 AM

The old saying goes: People can do whatever they can imagine. The great improvement of the high technology and more and more advanced technology products have proved that theory. To prevent from being discovered when people use the signal jammer to cut off the cell phone signals in some special occasions, this cigarette case design signal jammer is a good choice. It may beyond your imagination and that is the big merit of this jammer product. If so when you see someone holds a cigarette case at his hand, sometimes it is just a signal jammer product.

Hidden Style 3G Cell Signal Jammer with Handheld Cigarette Case Designview product details

Actually, signal jammers in different styles have different functions and characteristics. And also people may have different requirements of the jammer device in order to cut off the signals in current situations. In that case if you make up your mind to choose a jammer device to use in your daily life, having a detailed look about the product is necessary and important to ensure the wise purchasing decision. If you prefer the portable design 3G phone signal jammer which can be easy for you to take outside, here it is time to look at the special design signal blocker.


As you can see that this is a mini style jammer like the cigarette case which you can hold it at your hands or put it into your pocket. Wherever you go, if you are annoyed with the noises of the loud phone talks and endless ringtones and these cell phone devices are used by receiving the 2G 3G signals, you can start the handheld 3G mobile phone signal jammer to create a quiet condition for you and other people. Especially in the library, church and classroom etc where the cell phones are not allowed to be used, using this 3G mobile phone signal blocker without being known by others is necessary and legal.


This portable cigarette case design 3G cell phone signal jammer has a good performance on blocking the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS and 3G at the same time. And apart from the small size of the product, its jamming distance can be up to 10 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. Within the jamming radius, all of the 3G cell phones will lose the function of making phone calls and receiving messages. In this way you will not be disturbed by any unexpected phone calls when you are enjoying your happy time in a peaceful condition.


Except the AC charger can be used as the power supply of this 3G signal jammer, the car charger also can be used to charge the device, which is very convenient for the car drivers to use this portable jammer. It is effortless for them to have the product charged during their driving. If you belong to the group of people who need to get such kind of product, just check out www.jammerinthebox.com and you will have a chance to get a signal jammer with both high quality and competitive price.