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Upper-class Light Brown Pocket Size GPS 2G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Posted on 9th Jul 2014 @ 9:43 AM

Nowadays the pocket design has been used on a lot of signal jamming devices such as the mobile phone signal jammers, the mobile phone WiFi signal jammers, the mobile phone GPS signal jammers and usually the palm size jammers are designed with the high power and also the portable design. And if you are looking for such kind of high power pocket size mobile phone signal jammer and are wondering around to find a good place to gain the satisfied and high quality high power signal blockers then you can just come here www.jammerinthebox.com and you will soon gain the best access here.

Pocket Size Portable GPS 2G Mobile Signal Jammer with Light Brown Colorview product details

The requirements of blocking the cell phone signals of course are different from one to another as they are not in the same place and also the same condition. If so the need varies according to the real situation that they are in. And different people may have their own different preference of the jammer devices’ style. As some people want to block the signals with a desktop design jammer product in the fixed place with a detailed jamming distance, others will prefer a portable on to bring out easily with holding it at hands or putting it into their pockets. If you need a GPS 2G signal jammer to be used anywhere you like, it’s better for you to choose this upper class pocket size GPS 2G mobile phone signal jammer.


The delicate light brown color signal blocker is designed with pocket size and built-in antennas so that when people tend to put it into use they can just take it outside conveniently and effortlessly. The pocket of the owners is big enough to contain the device. Or you can just hold the jammer at your hands. From the jamming aspects, this mobile phone signal jammer can be a really superior one. Apart from the portable appearance, the device can cut off the signal of CDMA GSM DCS PCS and GPS at the same time with up to 10 meters shielding radius based on the signal strength in the given area.


Except being used in places like the church, library, class room and meeting room etc where the quiet condition is needed to create a good atmosphere for people, this pocket size 2G GPS signal jammer also can be used in the cars with a car charger, which allows the drivers to have the device charged during the driving conveniently and smoothly. In addition, the light brown color of this mini GPS 2G mobile phone signal jammer makes it look attractive and fashionable.


If you have the need to block the signals of 2G mobile phone devices and GPS tracking devices, this portable style signal jammer can be your premium choice with good design and high power jamming function. Just seize the chance to come here to add this product to your cart. And there are also various types of high quality signals jammers for you to choose if you prefer other style to this one.