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Multi-bands Wireless Video WiFi Signal Jammer to Block Different Signals

Posted on 23rd Jun 2014 @ 9:28 AM

As is known to us, jammer is a kind of device used to block the transmission of signals from the relative networks. Many people choose to buy a signal jammer in order to ensure absolute silence and prevent them from being disturbed. For the great majority of customers, general jammer is sufficient to meet their needs. General jammer is designed for daily use. It is always portable and affordable so that it enjoys extensive popularity. However, it has limited jamming range and capacity so that it cannot satisfy the demand of many special areas obviously, where the phone signals is of high frequency and a multi-bands signal jammer is needed.

3 Antennas Handheld Wireless Video WiFi Bluetooth Signal Blockerview product details

It is a newly developed wireless video WiFi immobilize device. As its name indicates, it has a good jamming ability to cut off different frequency bands of signals. Equipped with 3 antennas, this wireless signal jammer is able to cut off the signals of wireless video1.0G, wireless video1.2G and WiFi2.4G at the same time. And the handheld design as well as the light weight enables it to be taken out easily and conveniently. Thus owning car charger and cooling system is also the big merit of this handheld wireless video WiFi signal jammer as well, so that make it possible for the car owners to reach the goal of using this wireless video WiFi Bluetooth signal blocker in the car while driving.


With the high power output, the maximum radius of the wireless video WiFi signal jammer can reach up to 20meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. If you want it to work for a long time, there is no need to worry about the potential safety hazard of this phone signal blocker. Equipped with an extremely high quality cooling system, this device can work continuously without causing high temperature and any other dangers to itself or the users. Besides, with high sensitivity and good function, as soon as the product turns on, all the signals of wireless video and WiFi2.4G will be blocked and the related device will lose function.


Such a wireless video WiFi signal jammer is commonly applied in places where needs quiet as the meeting room, the classroom, the church and places where the mobile phones are not allowed as the prison, the military and so on. Moreover, this multi-bands signal jammer can be applied in the car directly as designed with car charger for car using.


If the multipurpose signal jammer is of your interest or can meet with your requirement, just check out www.jammerinthebox.com to have a detailed look of this product. And you can also look our product list of other signals jammers such as cell phone signal blocker, GPS UHF VHF signal blockers and other styles like desktop design and cigarette case style etc. Our sales man will help you to make a wise decision for your personal needs.