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Tabletop Design Audio Recorder Signal Blocker with Built-in Antennas

Posted on 13th Jun 2014 @ 9:30 AM

People now really pay more attention to the safety and the privacy as well and now they usually will turn to the high technology for help. For example, to prevent the dangerous objects being brought into house by someone, the walkthrough metal detector has been installed in some special occasions for security use. And we can see that the monitoring digital cameras are widespread in offices, shop malls and even hospitals etc in case for the potential dangers. Nowadays, to prevent your secret talk being recorded, the audio recorder signal blocker comes to help.

High Power 8 Meters Range Audio Recorder Signal Blockerview proudct details

Actually, everyone has his own secrets and he will never hope it is given out by someone else. That is what we called privacy. There are personal privacy, trade secrets and state secrets and all of them should be paid attention to give a good protection. In our daily life, we may like to share the secrets with our best friends and also listen to their privacy, which can be an important part of social communication. The problem is with the development of the high technology, you just cannot distinguish if there is an audio recorder around you and your secret talk has been recorded. With an audio recorder jammer along, safe condition can be created.


This audio recorder signal jammer is designed to block the signals of the Cassette recorders and digital recorders. Once the jammer product turns on, within the jamming radius up to 8 meters to the cassette recorder and 1 meter to the digital recorder depending on the signal strength in the given area, the mobile phone audio recording is unavailable and the operator of these recorders will not receive any messages about people’s secrets. In addition, this tabletop design audio recorder blocker is designed with built-in antennas so it's not so easy for people to discover that the device has been used. If so it can not only protect your privacy but also helps to avoid embarrassing situations.


Now for different people the needs are also different as well when they have the need to cut off the signals of the mobile phones that is also when people are choosing the clothes they will choose the one that is the most suitable to their size and also comfortable as well at the same time. And now with various types of signal jamming devices are offered in the market, the functions of them can be greatly different even with the same style. For the fresh man in this field, they may find it is a little difficult to find the right one for their personal use without having no way to getting more information about the product.


In fact, if you want to gain a high quality audio recorder signal blocker with cheap price, just check out www.jammerinthebox.com , if you have the need, then you can just come here and pick up one at the best price. What's more, you can acknowledge much more basic knowledge about the jammer product here.