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Away From Bug Camera with Portable 4 Antennas Bluetooth Signal Jammer

Posted on 9th Jun 2014 @ 11:13 AM

With the improvement of people's knowledge and cultural level, it can be seen that more and more people pay attention to protect their privacy with different methods. The common way is to set a code with high strength for protecting their property. Well, as for the cell phone, a code cannot control the phone signals and your private information can be given out beyond your expectation and your peaceful life will be broke up by the bad man. But you have no need to worry about that too much because the 4 antennas Bluetooth bug camera signal jammer can help you a lot to protect your private affairs with blocking phone signals effectively.

Portable Style 4 Antennas Bug Camera Audio Bluetooth Signal Jammerview product details

As we all know that it is really hard to get the peaceful and safety condition the same as before now, we can find that now there are mobile phones here and there and we are always surrounded by the mobile phone calls and also some people now are tracked by some kind of tracking devices like the mobile phone tracking device and also the bug camera as well and now then you will know that this "Portable 4 Antennas Bug Camera Audio Bluetooth Signal Jammer" that will be introduced here is a good assistant for people to gain the comfortable lifestyle again.


First you can just have a look at the details of this bug camera blocker. For this bug camera audio Bluetooth signal jammer is designed with the handheld style and can be powered by the rechargeable battery so that this jammer product is easy to take out wherever you like. With owning 4 antennas this mobile phone jammer can cut off the signals of the frequency bands 980-1100MHz, 1000-1200MHz, 1240 -1360Mhz and also the Bluetooth/WiFi Wireless spy camera 2400-2500MHz at the same time with up to 15 meters jamming distance based on the signal strength.


The 4 antennas Bluetooth signal jammer plays different roles in different situations. At schools, to make the students focus on their study and correct attitude towards learning, leaders will adopt this kind of signal blocker in the classroom to prevent students using their cell phones or other Bluetooth products in class. In a church, a sacred place, all the people should be quiet when they do prey in front of the God. This jammer can help to maintain a peaceful and serious condition.


In people’s daily work, the blocker seems more important too. Especially in a meeting room, the atmosphere can be very tense and the leaders may request the workers must keep quiet absolutely when they are making a speech. Perhaps there are no other instruments can take place the phone jammer in this case to give the room quietness. There are many other similar places and conditions such as military, government, public theatre and hospitals the blockers are used frequently and widely.


If you are eager to live in a safe and quiet environment wherever you go, this signal jammer product can be a premium choice and it's easy for you to find it from www.jammerinthebox.com .