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Remote Controlled 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer for Convenient Use

Posted on 5th Jun 2014 @ 9:35 AM

Cell phones are everywhere these days and it is almost impossible to catch a movie or grab a bite to eat at a restaurant without having the experience interrupted by the sound of a cell phone ringing. Some people complain that sometimes they go into a restaurant and just want to enjoy a meal or coffee and quietly read, and someone begins talking loud on their cell phones. It's obnoxious. With more than 100 million cell phones worldwide and growing, the problem is likely to get worse. It is said that in the United States alone, it's estimated that in five years 84 percent of US citizens will have a mobile phone. To help people solve the problem effectively, this remote controlled 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer you can find in www.jammerinthebox.com will contribute a lot.

10W High Power 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer with Remote Controlview product details

Cell phone jammers have been since 1998. The device in that time, which costs a lot, can block signals in a room about the size of a movie theater. The jammer sends out a low-power, encoded radio signal or modulated radio wave. Jammers work in one of two ways. Some devices set their signal to the same frequency as pagers and mobile phones, cutting off communication between handsets and base stations. Others work as electronic filters that fool mobile phones into thinking there are no frequencies available to make or receive calls. Manufacturers of the devices say the jamming only affect the designated area and works only on cellular transmissions.


Now the 2G 3G mobile phone signal jammer is always used to cut off the 2G 3G mobile phone signals in order to create a quiet condition for some special places. The big merit of this device is that you can control it turn on and turn off via the remote control. You can also put the product on the desk or make it mounted on the wall or ceiling with the mounting accessories which is really convenient. The jamming radius of this signal blocker can be up to 50 meters according to the signal strength in the given area. Thus you can enjoy the quiet condition within the jamming range. All of the 2G 3G cell phones will lose the function of making phone calls and receiving messages.


You can see the welcomed remote controlled phone jammer being used in wide places such as the churches, hospitals, movie theaters, class rooms, meeting rooms and so many other places the mobile phones are prohibited to be used. It can act as a good protector to prevent the noisy ringtones getting into the peaceful environment. By using this cell phone jammer, you can totally gain the peaceful condition and free from the cell phone signal tracking devices.


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