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Powerful Tabletop 3G Cell Phone Signal Blocker with Built-in Antennas

Posted on 3rd Jun 2014 @ 9:43 AM

Cell phones have become lifelines for millions all over the world. One can't do anything without them in one's personal and professional lives; no two ways about it. But of course there's a level of nuisance involved with these mobile devices, which expose one to unnecessary interference. In recent years, the wiretap, cheating in examination, medical negligence and gas station explosion with mobile phone occurred and it has aroused great concern of the society. And this is one of the reasons that promoted the appearance of 3G cell phone signal jammer.

12W High Power 3G Cell Phone Signal Blockerview product details

While the technology has brought us convenience, it also gives us the insecurity. For example, in the government agencies, army and some important meeting room, we need the quiet and the information security. However we often suffered the interference of a call in real life. Even worse, in some special spaces, if you use the telecommunication, it will cause a surgery failure in hospital or an explosion in gas station. So, what can we do to prevent the occurrence of this dangerous phenomenon? Many people are really anxious about this aspect.


Now with the use of this tabletop mobile phone jammer in high power, there is no need to worry about the information insecurity any more. People can speak freely in the meeting room, feel relax in gas stations and enjoy the film in the cinema. But it doesn't mean that you can indulge yourself to use the cell phone in these occasions. We still should control using it as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of unexpected accident.


And before making a purchasing decision, it is necessary for you to have a glance at the product here. Designed with built-in antennas and battery, this 3G cell phone signal blocker looks like very simple in its appearance. But you just cannot underestimate its jamming abilities. Applied with 12W high power output, the jammer product is powerful to cut off the 2G 3G mobile phone signals with up to 30 meters jamming radius, depending on the signal strength in the detailed place. Within the range, you will not be disturbed by any phone calls and your privacy cannot be given out by the eavesdropping device which is used to receive and send 2G 3G signals.


You can feel you life is better and safer with the 3G jammer with built-in antennas installed at your home or in your office. The device also can work continuously equipped with a good cooling system thus it will not produce high temperature after a long-time work. You see it doesn't own a portable design but it's also convenient for you to take the jammer product outside due to the simple design.


The high powerful jamming ability and good performance of the tabletop mobile phone jammer make it welcomed in the market. You can find one easily in www.jammerinthebox.com and there are many other styles with different jamming functions for to choose.