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High-power Cell Phone Signal Jammer Used in Prison

Posted on 4th Aug 2022 @ 11:44 AM

Most of us know that in important places such as prisons, military conferences and museums, action is always taken to prevent information from being disseminated. One of the advantages of the rock-mounted high-power cell phone jammer is that each band can adjust the RF power output level or turn off without affecting the other bands. This is the advantage of multifunctional high power jammer kit. Look at this 16-antenna universal adjustable high-power 3G 4G phone jammer and WiFi UHF VHF GPS Lojack signal jammer is suitable for all frequency bands. This is a hot fashion kit for using in many areas.

Jamming devices use the same radio frequency as mobile phones, interfering with the communication link between the phone and the base station, essentially making the handset unusable until the jamming stops. Unless carefully designed, cell phone jammers can interfere with frequencies outside the prison or in the vicinity. Jam the mobile phones of prisoners as it needs. You can install the high power cell phone jammer according to the complexity of the location of the prison. And make the jammer reach the effective range depending on its basic design.

The original antenna of this high power jammer was 16 antennas, it has the ability to simultaneously shield all signals of WiFi GPS VHF UHF LoJack and all 2G 3G 4G mobile phones, which you can select to provide more flexible interference coverage. If you choose a high power cell phone signal jammer, the Jammer has a wide jamming range, the shielding range can reach 40 meters up to 500 meters, etc. but the range depends on the signal strength in a given area. From a functional point of view, this jamming device is indeed a good jamming device. If you’re looking for it, come here! High Quality and reasonable price is our promise. It is here www.jammerinthebox.com where you can have a good visit to it and view different kinds of jammer products. The jammer product can not only be used in prison, but also used in classroom, cinema and other places where the mobile phone is not popular. It owns the function of jamming mobile phone signal and also owns the function of jamming GPS and WIFI signal at the same time, you will have the right to get the right you need.