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Take A GPS Jammer If You Don’t Want Your Wife or Girl Friend Track on You

Posted on 11th Oct 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Do you agree with the idea that women is sensitive and easy to think too much? You are right! Women are sensitive, they overthink every little thing and they care way more than they should, but that's what makes their love so strong. Some women seem to have an aversion to being happy in a relationship. No matter how good the relationship is, and no matter how well the man communicates, they go out of the way to look for excuses to convince themselves there's something wrong. In order to gain a sense of security and honesty, some even try to get every trace of you through the GPS, cell phone and so on. And as a way to hit back, you can use a GPS jammer and a cell phone jammer to against her.

Pocket Size Portable GPS 2G Mobile Signal Jammer

The so-called sense of security and honesty should not like the situation we’ve talked about. It is terrible! In contrary, it is some kind of non-confidence. Don’t you feel no freedom if your wife or girl friend are looking at your every trace? Thus, under the monitoring of them, you can’t go to bar to have a drink or the clubs for your interests and hobbies, etc. What a pity! Or you think it is ok to let them know all, but you can't prevent them from thinking too much. You known, women are full of imagination, and will consider the normal social activities as a part of your chaotic nightlife. Thus, there is no room for your verbal defense. Well, the only way to help you out of this situation is to take a GPS jammer and a cell phone jammer, with which you don’t need to explain too much to your wife or girl friend.

Here the Mini Handheld Mobile Phone and GPS Signal Jammer must suit you fine. This mini jammer is designed with the dimension of 90x50x15mm, easy to be put in the pocket, bag or just hold it hand at hand, with the light weight, you won’t feel tired when carry it. The continuously working time is up to 2 hours as owing low power consumption of only 0.5W. However, no need to worry about the jamming distance, depending on the signal strength the shielding radius is up to 10 meters in jam the frequency bands of CDMA (869-894MHZ), GSM (925-960MHZ), DCS (1805-1880MHZ), PCS (1930-1980MHZ) and GPS L1(1500-1600MHZ). This phone jammer owns good function of effectively making subsection, just interfering downlink and cause no interception on the base station, and the hidden design makes others not easy to discover that it is you that are using the jammer product.

Isn't this Mini Handheld Mobile Phone and GPS Signal Jammer (JTB-020-0011) a perfect item? In this way, you can not only gain love and happiness, but also your freedom.