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GPS jammer: A Good Assistant in Protecting Your Privacy

Posted on 27th Sep 2016 @ 9:31 AM

Today, with the development of the technology, people can be tracked wherever they go from their cell phone or car. The tracking devices work in real time and can provide an interested party with wealth information about the privacy daily activities of every person. Thus, GPS tracking implicates a new set of privacy concerns. Frequently, employees are unaware of their employers’ tracking policies; sometimes they are unaware that they are even being monitored. Too often this type of electronic monitoring is used to intimidate workers, reducing them to mere task-fulfilling machines. However, employees should have the right to choose where they go without worry of employer invades their privacy.  

5 Bands Portable GPS 2G Cellphone Signal Blocker

One might think that it does not matter if their employer knows that he goes to Starbucks every morning before work or that they spend Sundays at his girlfriend’s house. This line of thinking misses a larger point. If someone has the ability to know the real time location of a person around the clock, they are able to create a mosaic of that person’s life. They learn everything about that person, much of which is highly personal and private in nature. So it is essential that the public be aware of the importance of privacy. Against this situation, GPS jammer can be a good assistant, especially this 3 Antenna 5 Band Handheld GPS Mobile Phone Jammer.

This portable Jammer is only 260 x 200 x 100mm in dimension, so it is easy to be taken out when and where you go. Though it only owns 3 antennas but can cut off 5 frequency bands CDMA GSM DCS PCS GPS at the same time. Though the single output power is only +35dBm/800mW, the jamming radius of this GPS blocker is up to 10 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. Moreover, designed with car charger, the GPS signal jammer can be used in car directly, which is very convenient for car drivers.

Do you really care about your privacy? If you are still unaware of this issue, you will never get rid of the control of your boss. Just think about it, the vigilant employer will use a GPS tracking device to track your movements to get knowledge of you daily life. And you have the rights that free and rational beings have to act autonomously and with dignity. You known, the trust between employer and employee shouldn’t built by the GPS tracking devices. So why not consider this 3 Antenna 5 Band Handheld GPS Mobile Phone Jammer? Besides, if you need a more powerful desktop one, you may have a look at our categories of GPS jammer.