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Looking for Directional Cell Phone Jammer?

Posted on 20th Sep 2016 @ 10:05 AM

As the leader in security devices and best signal jammers, JammerInTheBox always provides you with the best products and service, aiming at creating a comfortable life for you. All our signal jammers are designed with high technology and high quality and aiming to creating more convenience and give more help to people. Then just take the Cellphone signal jammers as the instance, since the cell phone jammers can cut off the signals so that it can take people the peaceful condition in places such as meeting room, the church, the classroom without the noises of mobile phone calls. We receive many inquiries from all over the world every day. Among those inquiries, many customers complain that they are annoyed by the loud conversations on neighbor's cell phone and inquiry for a cell phone and wifi jammer to stop them.

Adjustable UHF VHF WiFi 3G 4G Mobile Phone Jammer with 18W High Power

"I have a neighbor who has very vulgar loud conversations on his cell phone, He also put up a wifi night and day camera that is pointed right at my bedroom window to harass me. I need to block his camera and mess with his cell phone reception when my child is taking a nap. His camera and window is 20 to 30 feet from my windows.”

In this case, if you require your own wifi and cell phone signals not to be affected, we suggest customized Adjustable UHF VHF WiFi 3G 4G Mobile Phone Jammer with 18W High Power(JTB-021-0099) with directional antennas, thus the directional cell phone jammer can only affect the signals at some degrees. Designed with the adjustable buttons the owners can easily decide the jamming distance and also jamming frequency bands. But the directional antennas can be expensive. But kindly remind you that for wireless camera you’d better find out what the device it might be, since many device that can work with wireless camera.

What is important is that this jammer can also be customized tailor the frequency bands as you want. Welcome to provide frequency bands and we will customize for you. We guarantee shipping within 24 hours and offer 1 year warranty for all our products. Welcome to contact us via online chat to inquiry jammer, we would like to recommend what you need.