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We are not selling cell phone jammers, but a peace of mind

Posted on 7th Sep 2016 @ 9:00 AM

There is usually little you can do about it when someone is loudly talking on their phone. In fact, “no-use” warnings from said establishments often go unnoticed or flat out ignored. This issue most likely resonates with everyone reading this because you know you’ve been in a movie theatre, restaurant, in line at a theme park or just about anywhere else and have had to deal with someone on their cell phone speaking loudly and bothering everyone around them. If you are annoying with cell phone talkers so much, you will get great satisfaction to be able to quiet someone when you use a cell phone jammer.

3W Powerful Handheld 3G 4G All Frequency Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

You know, our life is full of noise due to the advanced development of the society. A big part comes from the use of cell phones. In theaters, what do you feel when you see dozens of little lit screens which distract from the movie experience? In elevators, how is it if there are the ones that insist on screaming side by your ears in such narrow place? In schools, what is it like to a teacher has students playing on a phone while he or she trying to talk to them? So these annoying people don’t adhere to warnings, won’t listen to your pleas to hang up the phone, don’t care about the privacy of those around them. How about you just take away their phone all together? Ok, so we advise against literally taking someone’s phone from them, but now you can just remove cell service from the surrounding area with a cell phone jammer!

Here, we suggest 3W Powerful Handheld 3G 4G All Frequency Mobile Phone Signal Jammer to you. Finding a mobile phone jammer is easy now as there are many jammers for sale online. However finding one that can block all the 3G 4G frequency bands now is not easy as the 4G signal haven’t come into the market for a long time. As we all know, iPhones are now most people seem to have these days, while iPhones usually use 4G frequency. Besides blocking the signals of the newly coming 3G, 4G LTE, 4G Wimax signals this powerful handheld 3G 4G jammer also cutting off the normal 2G signals like the CDMA/GSM DCS/PCS signal at the meanwhile. Although this is a handheld style jammer it also owns great jamming radius, of which the shielding radius is up to 20 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. Thus as the 3200mA/H battery is used as power supply and owns light weight you will not fell tired when take it with you.

Finally, we hope all of you will be experiencing a peacefully quiet life. Remember that we are not selling cell phone jammers, but peace of mind.