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Buy GPS Jammer if you don’t want your company to track you

Posted on 31st Aug 2016 @ 9:52 AM

Do you spend half of your life in a company car? How do you feel if your boss installed a GPS tracking devices on your car? Do you get sick of your company knowing exactly where you are at any time, regardless of whether you’re on the clock or not? You know, you boss may want to track your movements to see how you contribute to the company in case you get slack at your work. But as an individual you have your privacy, even your boss can’t take it from you. So just buy a GPS jammer if you don’t want your company to track you.

Handheld Full Frequency Bands GPS Signal Blocker

In these cases, you may appreciate it when you can own this “Portable High Power All GPS Jammer”. It’s Friday night and you’re going to a party or a bar. The responsible thing to do would be to leave the car in a parking lot and take a taxi home. But what would the boss think? Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking the family on holiday or just plan to leave the car in a less than safe place overnight. Thanks to this device he will never know that.

What makes this portable GPS jammer a perfect one? As we all know, GPS is the frequency range that is used by navigational satellites to track the location of land, water and air vehicles which have GPS tracking device installed onboard. And GPS signal jammer emits radio frequency waves to prevent GPS devices within its coverage range from establishing and maintaining connections. This portable GPS jammer can cut off all GPS frequency bands, thus it can prevent satellite tracking systems finding out where you are. The GPSL3 and GPSL4 frequency bands has been included in the GPSL2 frequency band, of this design this 3 antennas portable GPS jammer can block all the GPSL1, GPS L2, GPSL3, GPSL4 and  GPS L5 signals immediately once turn on it. The design of the car charger makes it possible to be used in the car, a convenient design for car users. The jamming distance of this all GPS signals jammer is up to 15 meter, powerful as it is the handheld jammer. Just owning one all Of GPS signal will be blocked soon. Moreover, owning the portable design and as built battery can be used as the power source enables you to take this all GPS signals jammer out as the battery support about 1 to 2 hour working time.

A practical application would be salesmen, delivery drivers, or employees, who may wish to do privacy things freely, without having to do a lot of explaining due to GPS tracking on their vehicle. Now there’s no longer need to worry about your privacy be known by your company again, if you have such portable GPS jammer in hand.